Psychiatric Evaluation for Pilots

James Rodney Jones, MD of Shrink-Wrapped Psychiatric Consultations is one of the leading Psychiatrists offering mental health evaluations for professionals in the aviation industry. He evaluates the mental health of flight attendants and pilots to assist in assuring their eligibility for medical certification. The practice is based in Los Angeles but he has clients from across and outside the U.S.

James Rodney Jones

I Cater to

  • Current Or Potential Pilots
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Flight Attendants
  • Other Aviation-Related Personnel

What I Offer

  • Initial and annual evaluations of aviation professionals
  • Evaluating flight attendants or pilots for mental health or substance abuse conditions
  • Preparation of psychiatric reports as per FAA guidelines and requirements
  • Consultation for potential or existing professionals with HIMS-related issues

Why Choose Me

Dr. Jones of Shrink-Wrapped Psychiatric Consultations, is an experienced psychiatrist that specializes in evaluating the mental health of aviation professionals.

Get in touch with me today to learn more.

James Rodney Jones